Candidate's Resume


Career History

Jan 2004 - Present

Company name:coles
Location:perth, Australia
Industry:Supply Chain & Logistics
Company size:More than 10000 employees
Comments:Started in 2004 at the coles distribution centre, still employed there, cert 111 in transport and logistics
Job Title:high reach operater
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Logistics, Transport & Supply
Closest Job Role:Other Logistics, Transport & Supply
Summary:ohs safey officer
Detailed Description:Worked in coles supply chain, cor the past seven years

Education & Training

Jan 1996 - Nov 2000

Institution Type:High School
Course Name:high school


Industry Company Experience

  • forklift ( - experience)

Personal Information

Job Seeking Status:Seriously Looking
I am on a notice period (days):  0
I am available from:4th July 2011
Would you relocate for a job?Open to Offers
Marital Status:Single
Do I have a drivers license?Yes

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