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hello my name is caolan mccrossan I come from a farming and driving back ground I have been driving and working on a farm from a young age and know my way around machinery.I have been working from a young age and love too work as it get me out of the house.I have now moved from Ireland too Australia I'm currently here three and a half months and have my regional work all done, so I'm currently looking for full time work as i have my second year visa secured.

Career History

Aug 2010 - Mar 2011

Company name:Terex Finlay LTD
Location:omagh, United Kingdom
Company size:5001-10000 employees
Company web site:
Comments:At my time at Finlays I really enjoyed everyday off work as I had a great team of lads that i was working with and the work was great.
Job Title:Machine Bulider
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Engineering
Closest Job Role:Industrial Engineer
Summary:Building stone crusher machines
Detailed Description:Taken a bare section of metal and taken it till a stage where it goes onto the machine.

putting on rollers,pipes.motors,panels and belting the conveyor and checking everything before attaching till the machine.

Mar 2009 - Jun 2010

Company name:Morris Contracts
Location:london, United Kingdom
Industry:Construction, Architecture & Interiors
Company size:1-10 employees
Comments:Really enjoyed my time working for Morris contracts as we did alot of different types of work and i got alot of experience driving differnet types of machinery.
Job Title:General labour and site driver
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Construction, Building & Architecture
Closest Job Role:Other Construction & Architecture
Summary:General labour,and machinery driver
Detailed Description:At Morris contracts I was a excavator driver,bobcat,dumper driver and manitou driver.when i was not driving machinery i was labouring too chippys and giving them a general hand putting in concrete walls and flooring.

Sep 2006 - Feb 2009

Company name:Rankin and carmichael LTD
Location:Omagh, United Kingdom
Company size:1-10 employees
Comments:had good time over the years working at Rankin and Carmicheal got on great with both my bosses and work mates,and we all worked well within the team.
Job Title:welder/pipe fitter
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Engineering
Closest Job Role:Industrial Engineer
Summary:all types of welding and pipe fitting
Detailed Description:I started off as a apprentice welder and over my 3 years with more experience in the welding area i became a fabriactor welder.In that I done welding repairs to pipe work or installing new pipework,tanks,motors and pumps within the factorys we worked in.As there is three different types of welding in line of work i am able too do all three.

Education & Training

Sep 2000 - Jun 2006

Institution:Scared Heart College Omagh
Institution Type:High School
Location:omagh, United Kingdom
Course Name:G.C.S.E.S
Grade:5th year
Study Units/Modules:
  • Maths grade achieved C
  • English grade achieved C
  • science grade achieved C
  • technology and design grade achieved c
  • ICT grade achieved c
  • P.E grade achieved b
  • Irish grade achieved c

Sep 1993 - Jun 2000

Institution:Envagh PS
Institution Type:Primary School
Location:omagh, United Kingdom
Course Name:eleven plus
Comments:This was my primary shool in a small town where i lived so all the people round me I knew and I enjoyed my time there.


Industry Company Experience

  • concrete labour (Intermediate - 3-6 months experience)
  • Machinery Driver (Advanced - >5 years experience)
  • Welder (Advanced - 2-3 years experience)

Licenses & Certifications

Caolan Mc Crossan

Valid From:6th April 2011
Valid To:28th March 2021

Visa Information


Visa Type:Working Holiday Visa
Valid From:30th March 2011
Valid To:30th March 2012


rugby, working and making money, music all types, rugby, Soccer, Gaelic, Driving and operating machinery.

Personal Information

Job Seeking Status:Seriously Looking
I am on a notice period (days):  0
I am available from:20th August 2011
Would you relocate for a job?Yes
Marital Status:Single
Do I have a drivers license?Yes

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