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I am an experienced, innovative and effective strategy and innovation manager, leading multi-disciplinary teams that deliver positive change.

I am recognised as:

  •  An effective communicator and influencer, being adaptable to meet ever changing priorities in the work environment.
  • An entrepreneurial leader able to employ curiosity to develop innovative service concepts into commercially sound opportunities and subsequently deliver these to market.
  • An analytical thinker with the ability to develop new sales initiatives.


Process Improvement,
Solution Sales,
Outsourcing Sales,
Retail Operations,
Retail Technology,
General Management,
Sales & Marketing Management,
Business Strategy,
Information Technology,
Space & Category Management,
Merchandising Management,
Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
Public Speaking,


  • Managed the implementation of 2200 stores for the mapping component of the Nielsen instore initiative across the United States.
  • Sucessfully managed a team of 15 remotely located consultants to deliver time sensitive nation wide sales data on a daily basis.
  • Managed a retail operation generating $40m pa, promoting the establishment and change to a sales driven culture.
  • Establishing a finance operation in a new market generating $1.5m in its first year.
  • Managed all aspects of an electronic kiosk project for a retailer with locations in metropolitan and regional Victoria.
  • Streamlining operational performance and reducing costs by 15%.
  • Winning hte Australian Customer Service & Sales Award

Career History

Mar 2003 - Present

Company name:Captureplan
Comments:Founded in 2001, CapturePlan is a privately held company focused on the development, commercialisation and delivery of technology in order to enhance the delivery of innovation to the retail sector. CapturePlan has commercialised recent advancements in facial recognition for loss prevention and developed new collaboration technologies for retail space management.

Job Title:Operations Manager
Job Type:Full-Time
Detailed Description:Manage the testing and implementation of retail technology solutions within the domestic and international markets.
Ensure successful deployment of store mapping applications for the purpose of developing in-store marketing metrics.

Jan 1989 - Mar 2003

Company name:RACV
Job Title:Retail Manager
Job Type:Full-Time
Detailed Description:Successfully promoted and managed change to a service and sales driven culture.

Education & Training

Mar 1997 - Nov 2003

Institution:LaTrobe University
Institution Type:University
Course Name:Bachelor Business - Enterprise Development

Mar 2003 - Nov 2003

Institution:Ballarat University
Institution Type:University
Course Name:Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment

Feb 2002 - Nov 2002

Institution:Ballarat University
Institution Type:University
Course Name:Diploma Frontline Management


Business Skills

  • Negotiation ( - experience)

Personal Information

Job Seeking Status:Not Currently Looking
I am on a notice period (days):  0

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