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I am a hard working young man who listens, follows instructions and learns fast. I am capable and confident on the job and can work unsupervised when provided with clear guidelines and work objectives.

As I do not have personal comittments at present, and if a negotiated pay agreement has been developed in accordance with fair and ethical considerations, I am able and willing to work over and beyond the normal working hours and over the weekends.



Bar service, food and beverage waiter and professional customer service with Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast.

Support labourer to Tiler on the Gold Coast.

Support Labourer to builder in Far North Queensland.

Deck Hand Trawler Far North Queensland.

Student and travelling, Lived in New Caledonia, speak a little french.

TAFE student Welding and OHS.

General Hand Maintenance and Removal work.

Career History

Feb 2011 - Present

Company name:OARS
Location:Brompton, Australia
Industry:Voluntary, Charity & Social
Company size:51-200 employees
Job Title:Volunteer
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Logistics, Transport & Supply
Closest Job Role:Warehouse & Distribution Consultant
Detailed Description:Removalist, gardener, transportation.

Education & Training

Jan 2009 - Jun 2009

Institution:Bremmer Institute of TAFE
Institution Type:TAFE
Location:Brisbane, Australia
Course Name:Welding
Study Units/Modules:
  • Perform Routine Oxy Acetylene Welding
  • Perform Routine Manual Metal Arc Welding
  • Apply Principles of OCuppational health and Safety in thwe workplace
  • Plan to undertake a routine task
  • Apply quality procedures
  • use power Tools/ hand held Operations
  • Course in General safety Induction Construction Industry

Jan 2004 - Nov 2004

Institution:Bremmer Institute of TAFE
Institution Type:TAFE
Location:Brisbane, Australia
Course Name:Certificate in General Education ( Year 10)
Study Units/Modules:
  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • History
  • Computers
Comments:Passed year 10 in all subjects.

Jan 2002 - Jul 2002

Institution:Jupiters Casino /Gold Coast TAFE
Institution Type:TAFE
Location:Gold Coast, Australia
Course Name:Certificate three in Hospitality
Study Units/Modules:
  • Not complete
Comments:Certificate Three incomplete


Industry Company Experience

  • Metalworking & Welding ( - experience)
  • Reservation Systems / Management ( - experience)
  • Retail Catering (Intermediate - 2-3 years experience)

Licenses & Certifications


Issuer:Bremmer Institute of TAFE
Valid From:3rd June 2009
Valid To:31st July 2013


All outdoor activities, swimming, gardening, sports. I enjoy keeping fit and maintain a healthy exercise routine. I also enjoy cooking and spending time with family and friends. .

Personal Information

Job Seeking Status:Seriously Looking
I am on a notice period (days):  0
I am available from:31st July 2011
Would you relocate for a job?Open to Offers
Marital Status:Single
Do I have a drivers license?Yes

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