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I am interested in a position in which I can be trained to learn new skills.I have mechanical aptitude and I enjoy working with tools and problem solving.I am dependable and willing to perform duties beyond my role scope.

Ideally I  would like to join a well established company in which I can dedicate many years of loyal service.

Thank you for considering me for employment.


I have had a succesful and rewarding career with the Australian Federal Police.I succesfully completed a Bomb Appraisal Course in Canberra.My new qualification allows me to be an intergral part of the safe daily operations within the Sydney Airport envirnment.

I am now at a stage in my life in which I seek new challenges, ideally in a Mechanical servicing /Technical repair role.

Career History

Jan 1999 - Present

Company name:Australian Federal Police
Industry:Security & Protective
Company web site:
Job Title:Protective Service Officer
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Government & Defence
Detailed Description:Counter Terrorist First Response. Mobile patrol and foot patrol of airport facilities deterring terrorist attacks. Responsible for all security incidents which arise .

Oct 1993 - Aug 2000

Company name:Australian Army Reserve
Job Title:Field Engineer Grade 1
Job Type:Part-time
Detailed Description:I was attached to a Construction Regiment which built roads and bridges as well as housing in remote areas of Australia.I operated road plant such as excavators and dozers.
Very interesting and rewarding career.

Jun 1995 - Aug 1999

Company name:Woollahra Municipal Council
Company web site:
Job Title:Regulatory Inspector
Job Type:Full-Time
Closest Job Role:Compliance Administrator
Detailed Description:I was employed as a Ranger,responsible for Local Government enforcement of Council laws,including traffic management and recreation facility patrols and lock ups.Noise complaints and animal control.

Jun 1992 - Jun 1995

Company name:Email Westinghouse Pty/Ltd
Location:Sydney, Australia
Industry:Manufacturing & Industrial
Job Title: Internal Technical Sales
Job Type:Full-Time
Summary:Technical support to sales team/customers.
Detailed Description:I was responsible for maintaining the spare parts dept for the sales team and manufacturing dept. I would answer telephone queries and collate detailed quotes for spare parts and gas regulator stations including metering.

Education & Training

Dec 1991 - Dec 1992

Institution:TAFE NSW
Institution Type:TAFE
Course Name:Statement of Attainment Welding GAS METAL ARC
Comments:I completed this course so that I could become a confident welder and better understand metal properties. A very practical course in welding.

Feb 1989 - Dec 1991

Institution:TAFE NSW
Institution Type:TAFE
Course Name:Associate Diploma Mechanical Engineering
Comments:I successfully completed this course and gained valuable experience and knowledge of material properties and physics calculations.
I gained a solid grounding of Engineering concepts and added to my hands on experience.

Jan 1982 - Dec 1989

Institution:Marcellin College Randwick
Institution Type:High School
Course Name:Higher School Certificate
Comments:I was taught good values and morals at this Catholic secondary school.


Business Skills

  • computer literate ( - experience)
  • customer service skills ( - experience)
  • Dispute resolution training (Advanced - >5 years experience)

Licenses & Certifications


Valid From:3rd February 2011
Valid To:8th August 2012

Excavator Operator class LE

Issuer:Workcover NSW
Valid From:22nd February 2010
Valid To:17th February 2015

First Aid Certificate

Issuer:St Johns Ambulance
Valid From:2nd February 2010
Valid To:4th November 2012

Bomb Appraisal Course

Issuer:Australian Federal Police College
Valid From:5th February 2009
Valid To:3rd February 2015

Field Engineer Course GRADE1

Issuer:Australian Army
Valid From:11th March 1995
Valid To:26th March 1995


Guildford County Soccer Club

Date From:1st February 2012
Date To:1st October 2012
Comments:I am a active member of my local soccer club playing in the Granville District competition.


Soccer and motorsports.

Personal Information

Job Seeking Status:Seriously Looking
I am on a notice period (days):  14
I am available from:13th March 2012
Would you relocate for a job?Open to Offers
Marital Status:Married
Do I have a drivers license?Yes

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