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 Objective: To find a challanging position that will take me to the next level without spoiling the enjoyment of the position and the team you work with...

Key Skills: Project Management                                                          Building Design

                       Contract Administration                                                     Problem Solving (looking outside the circle)

                       Estimating                                                                            Sourcing the best deal without sacrificing quality             

                       Team Builder (your team is your backbone)                 Good computer skills

                       Being able to work with all nationalities                        Sales


My current position would have to have been the biggest challenge.... Being able to get a multicultural workforce to pull together like a large family all helping each other out wether in their field or not.... Bringing in work experience kids from the local college and giving them something to work towards in their future..... Making a difference in the everyday lives of the locals in the community by rebuilding their homes that over the years have been let get into such disrepair by others that just did not care and were only there to earn an income....


There have been many great positions in my past career but this would have had to be the most rewarding....

Career History

Nov 2007 - Present

Company name:Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council
Job Title:Project Manager
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Construction, Building & Architecture
Closest Job Role:Project Manager
Detailed Description:I applied for a job as Project Manager at the Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council in Cape York…. I was approached by the then CEO Peter Solly and Mayor Harold Mallie for an interview…. The result I was offered probably the hardest job of my career to salvage the building section of the Shire…. I followed in the footsteps of others who were unable to do the task which really only required some very long hours and common sense and after 6 months we formed a separate division of the Shire with its own trading name (Albatross Bay Building Consultants) its own bank account and its own accounts section which my wife Ellie runs…. The business grew from a staff of 11 to a staff of 25 and we have under our banner 3 carpentry gangs, plumbers, electrician, painters, boilermakers, machine operators, a fencer, a fully set-up cabinetmaking shop, a fully set-up aluminum joinery shop, etc. The work force is 65% indigenous and is a great team working together and helping out each other even when not their field….. I prepare all the budgets, set the time frames, organize the team, prepare the scopes of works for ASTIH housing and QBuild, do the quoting for all the projects, the design work for the new works and renovations, prepare all the purchase orders and manage the day to day work load….

Apr 2003 - Nov 2007

Company name:All Seasons Home Improvements
Industry:Construction, Architecture & Interiors
Company size:11-50 employees
Comments:The job was to take the leads turn them into jobs and follow it through to the hand over.
Job Title:Sales Consultant
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Construction, Building & Architecture
Closest Job Role:Sales
Summary:I handled the jobs from the sale to the hand over on completion.
Detailed Description:I worked for a company in Cairns as a salesman for home renovations. My job entailed the sale, design and production of the drawings, the costings, the preparation and signing of the contracts, the engagement of the private certifier, the project management of the job, all variation paperwork, and the final handing over of the completed job…. My biggest sale was a $600,000 renovation which entailed the demolition of 80% of a two storey house on a 45deg hill and the reconstruction of the house to twice its original size (the views were terrific over the sea so it was worth it)….

Apr 1995 - Oct 1997

Company name:Brisbane Contract Drafting
Comments:It was a very varied position working in many different offices on many different projects...
Job Title:Draftsman
Job Type:Casual/Temporary
Position Department:Construction, Building & Architecture
Closest Job Role:CAD / Drafter
Detailed Description:I then took a job in Brisbane working for a contract drafting company who used to hire me out to who ever needed an architectural draftsman…. One of the jobs was working for as it was then called at the time SEQEB, working on the plans for substations they were going to build… after approx a month I was asked to take over the supervision of the 20 contract draftspeople they had employed and quite often I was called on by the architect to help him out on design details to allow his ideas to become realitity…. I was at this position for nearly 18 months until most of the work was completed…. The contract company used my services off and on for just over 3 years….

Apr 1987 - Nov 1991

Company name:Paradise Homes
Location:Cold Coast / Brisbane
Job Title:Designer / Estimator
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Construction, Building & Architecture
Closest Job Role:Estimator
Detailed Description:In Australia I started working for a company on the Gold Coast, Paradise Homes, as designer and estimator…. After approx two years I was asked to move to Brisbane to set up a new head office in Paddington and manage it as a sub office until it was fully operational at which stage the owner would move in and form it into the new head office…. This required the hiring of office staff, contractors and supervising the construction… After nearly nine months and the set-up running well the owner of the company moved up from the Gold Coast and completed the transfer to head office… Sad to say I understand this business in no longer operating....

May 1983 - Mar 1987

Company name:Canterbury Cottage Co
Location:Christchurch, New Zealand
Industry:Construction, Architecture & Interiors
Job Title:Draftsman / Estimator
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Construction, Building & Architecture
Closest Job Role:Estimator
Detailed Description:Approached by a company called Canterbury Cottage Co to help out a new manager to undertake the saving of a relocatable building company which was deep in the red but which was attached to a successful sawmill…. My role was the redesign and estimating of the range of homes and later the organizing of the sales team…. After 4 years the company was so successful it was brought out by the largest builder in New Zealand, Fletcher Homes and we as a family moved to Australia shortly after…..

Education & Training

Jan 1967 - Nov 1971

Institution:Aranui High School
Institution Type:High School
Location:Christchurch, New Zealand
Course Name:Higher School Certificate

Licenses & Certifications


Reference:13 813 111
Issuer:Queensland Transport
Valid From:15th June 2005
Valid To:14th June 2010

Motor Bike

Light Rigid Heavy Vechicle

Boiler Attendant


Visa Information

New Zealand

Visa Type:Permanent Resident Visa


I enjoy working with timber.

Personal Information

Job Seeking Status:Open to Opportunities
I am on a notice period (days):  0
Would you relocate for a job?Yes
Marital Status:Married
Do I have a drivers license?Yes

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