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I am married with two children and have a strong work history in health related settings. I have worked in the pharmacy industry for the past 15 years in both hospital and community environments. I am a focused team memeber and i enjoy working in large or small groups or individually as required.


In March 2011 I successfully completed certificate 111 in Pathology specimen collection with the WA School of Pathology. I successfully completed the following units:

Occupational Health and safety

Pathology equipment and Safe Work Practices

Patholgy Forms and Interpretations

Common pathology tests / test directory

Tournequet use / choosing the correct vein for venepuncture

Syringe bleeds on artificial training veins

Syringe bleeds on human limbs

Evacuated venepuncture on artificial training aides

Evacuated Venepuncture on human limbs

I also received theoretical and demonstrative training in:

Problems that may arise during blood collecteion

Collecting blood from difficult veins

Colecting blood from babies and children

Hand bleeds

Butterfly bleeds

General specimens

Specialised pathology procedures

specimen storage

basic ECG application

Career History

Aug 2011 - Present

Company name:Adeliade Pathology Partners
Job Title:Pathology Specimen Collector
Job Type:Part-time
Detailed Description:Current duties include;

Collection of pathology specimens from clients within hospitals, nursing homes, private residences and collection centres.

Assist with preceptoring new staff

Perform ECG testing as required.

Asses Patient medical history, including medications & psychological state.

Explain procedures to patients.

Provide effective and safe venepuncture.

Safely handle sharps and hazardous waste.

Feb 2005 - Jul 2011

Company name:The Strathalbyn Pharmacies
Location:Strathalbyn, Australia
Industry:Health, Medical & Pharma
Company size:11-50 employees
Job Title:Dispensary Technician / CPAP Consultant / QCPP officer
Job Type:Part-time
Position Department:Medical & Healthcare
Closest Job Role:Allied Health Consultant

My duties at the pharmacy are as follows;

* Packing webster packs for the Nursing home and aged care facility
* Reviewing drug charts and updating our computer records
* Webster pack deliveries to the Nursing home and aged care facility
* Home deliveries
* Visiting the local medical clinics to collect prescriptions
* Assisting the pharmacist with dispensary duties such as rotating stock, prescription entry, dispensing medications, reordering and general housekeeping
* Serving in the shop, assisting customers with their special needs
* Daily computer backups
* Signing in narcotics with the nursing staff at the nursing home
* deliveries and stock transfer with our other pharmacy
* Performing end of day balancing of the till and settling EFTPOS transactions
* Keeping up to date with product knowledge including thing that are new on the market and also discontinued items

CPAP Consultant In Charge
* Maintaining stock control
*Assisting clients with their use of CPAP
*Mask fitting
*Machine maintenance
*interaction with GP's and Respiratory physicians

Education & Training

Mar 2011 - Mar 2011

Institution:Pathology Specimen Collector
Institution Type:College
Location:Adelaide, Australia
Course Name:Perform Blood Collection HLTPAT306B

Nov 2009 - Nov 2009

Institution:The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
Institution Type:College
Location:Sydney, Australia
Course Name:Sleep Medicine - Laboratory Based

Sep 2009 - Sep 2009

Institution:4 Life
Institution Type:College
Location:Adeliade, Australia
Course Name:Senior First Aid Certificate

Aug 2007

Institution:The Pharmacy Guild Of Australia
Institution Type:College
Location:Adeliade, Australia
Course Name:Certificate 111 in Community Pharmacy WRP30102

Nov 1996 - Dec 1997

Institution:Accreditation And Registration Council of South Australia
Institution Type:College
Course Name:Cusomer Service in General Retail

Nov 1996

Institution Type:High School
Location:Strathalbyn, Australia
Course Name:SACE STAGE 2

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Visa Type:Citizen


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