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In 1999, I graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelors of science in Zoology. During my last year of college, I worked as a research assistant at OSU for a professor in the Zoology department. My research focused on the microbiology study of the bleaching process in sea anemones. This was studied in order to better understand the process of coral bleaching and its affect on the health of the coral reef system.

After graduating in 1999, I accepted a position in California at Ceres, Inc, a agricultural biotechnology focused on increasing crop yield for an ever increasing global population. At Ceres, I worked as a research associate conducting genetic experiments on plants in order to increase harvest production. I also presented my research to top management and participated in weekly group meetings aimed at sharing research results and brainstorming methods to increase laboratory efficiency.

In 2001 we moved to New Hampshire for my husbands job. During the next 8 years, I focused on starting a family and raising children. After this extended period away from the workforce, in 2009, I accepted a position with Reserve America as a virtual customer service representative. This position allowed me to ease back into the work force and gain experience in the customer service field. 
In 2010, my husband earned his Physics Ph.D and accepted a post doctoral position with the University of New South Wales, relocating our family to Australia.                                                                          

It is my desire to enter into the workforce in the customer service field as I found that not only do I work well in this field but also very much enjoy the position of customer service representative.


 While working as a research assistant at Oregon State University, I created and implemented new protocol for histo- immunilogical assay procedures to study dissection slides of bleached and unbleached sea anemones.

While working at Ceres,Inc., I was listed as co author in a published paper written by the primary investigator of the group in which I worked. This paper came about from research I was performing on plants in order to increase seed size.


Career History

Dec 2009 - Jan 2010

Company name:Reserve America
Location:HQ in New York, USA
Industry:Customer Service & Call Centre
Company size:1001-5000 employees
Company web site:
Job Title:Virtual Customer Service Representative
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Customer Service & Call Centre
Closest Job Role:Other Cust Service & Call Centre Agent
Summary:Assist customers with booking tour and camping reservations via online and telephone interface
Detailed Description:Assist customers with camping and tour reservations using computer interface

Answer any and all customer questions

Provide information regarding tours/camping rules and regulations

Remotely attend customer training courses to further knowledge of procedures

Work with customer until they feel satisfied and pleased with their interaction and accomplished what they called in for.

Nov 1999 - Feb 2001

Company name:Ceres, Inc
Location:Malibu, USA
Company web site:
Comments:During my employment, Ceres Inc. was located in Malibu, California. The company has since relocated to Thousand Oaks, California.
Job Title:Research Associate
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Scientific
Closest Job Role:Research & Development Specialist
Summary:Genetic research of plants to manipulate crop yield
Detailed Description:Laboratory duties (PCR, gel electrophoresis)

Maintain laboratory chemical/bacterial stock

Maintain laboratory notebook

Present weekly results

Present research to management

May 1999 - Sep 1999

Company name:Oregon State University Zoology Department
Location:Corvallis , USA
Company size:1001-5000 employees
Company web site:
Job Title:Research Assistant
Job Type:Part-time
Position Department:Scientific
Closest Job Role:Research & Development Specialist
Summary:Microbiological study of sea anemones
Detailed Description:Laboratory duties:
Maintain chemical stock
Maintain laboratory notebook
Present weekly research results
Prepare disection slides
Light and electron microscopy

Education & Training

Jun 1996 - Jun 1999

Institution:Oregon State University
Institution Type:University
Location:Corvallis, USA
Course Name:Bachelors of Science
Study Units/Modules:
  • 180 credits

Visa Information


Visa Type:Citizen
Visa Name:Birth


Visa Type:Temporary Resident Visa
Visa Name:457 Business Long Stay
Valid From:19th November 2009
Valid To:19th November 2012

Personal Information

Job Seeking Status:Seriously Looking
I am on a notice period (days):  0
I am available from:20th June 2011
Would you relocate for a job?No
Date of Birth:23rd August 1973
Marital Status:Married
Do I have a drivers license?Yes

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