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I went to Secondry School at High Ridge, which then became The St Lawrence Academy in my final year. After the Change to The St Lawrence Academy, I became the first Head Boy. I then went on to John Leggott College, where I studied Philosophy, Psychology, Politics and PE for 1 year.

I have worked in the past as a paper boy at the local post office, but I had resign after around 1 year, due to other commitments. I am currently working at Sports as a Casual Sales Assistant and on weekends I also work behind the bar at Sphere Bar. 


When I was in school, I took part in The Young Enterprise Company Programme, where I served as the Sales Director. This meant that, a group of students who applied from our school would start our own business and compete against other businesses from other schools in the County. The kind of things this entailed were; Running company meetings, including taking minutes, making agendas and trying to stick to the agendas. We also had to create our own product and go to Freshney Place in Grimsby to sell this product to the public. This experience has helped me to become more confident in talking to strangers.

As mentioned before, I was the First Head Boy at The St Lawrence Academy. This was a great achievement for me because i had to apply for the position and attend interviews and I had to give presentations to the school about why I should be chosen for this role. My duties whilst Head Boy were to, along with the Head Girl and Deputy HeadBoy/Girl, were to create a rota for the prefects, organise and run monthly prefect meetings, create presentations for assemblies and meet and greet important visitors. For example, when our school opened, the Archbishop of Canterbury came to dedicate it and the Head Girl and myself organised the meeting and greeting of him in the reception and we then took him or a tour around of school. This was a fantastic experience for me. One that improved my people skills and allowed me to become a much more comfortable puclic speaker.

Career History

Jan 1970 - Present

Company name:Sports
Location:Scunthorpe, United Kingdom
Company size:5001-10000 employees
Job Title:Casual Sales Assistant
Job Type:Casual/Temporary

Jan 1970 - Present

Company name:Sphere Bar
Location:Scunthorpe, United Kingdom
Industry:Food & Beverage
Company size:1-10 employees
Job Title:Bartender
Job Type:Casual/Temporary

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