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Left school in year 10 to get an appreniceship as a fitter machinist worked with the health commission as a maintenance fitter then went into security from there built a business


Successfully ran a buisness for 20 years before a split with my partner and stated a new business in 2006 and took it from $26,000 dollars to $400,000

Career History

Sep 2006 - Aug 2011

Company name:Sheltered Security Services
Location:St Clair, Australia
Industry:Security & Protective
Company size:1-10 employees
Job Title:Managing Director
Job Type:Self-Employed
Position Department:Self-Employment
Closest Job Role:Work from Home
Detailed Description:organise rosters, arange work details, book keeping with MYOB, advertising and employment also working in the security industry

Jun 1985 - Sep 2006

Company name:Bastille Securities P/L
Location:Kingswood, Australia
Industry:Security & Protective
Company size:1-10 employees
Job Title:Managing director
Job Type:Self-Employed
Position Department:Self-Employment
Closest Job Role:Other Self-Employment
Summary:Managing director
Detailed Description:organise day to day functions of the bussiness arrange work rosters, book keeping and accounting with MYOB, tried to build sales.

Education & Training

Jan 1979 - Nov 1979

Institution:Penrith technical colledge
Institution Type:TAFE
Location:penrith, Australia
Course Name:Fitter Machining

Jan 1974 - Dec 1978

Institution:Kingswood High
Institution Type:High School
Location:Kingswood, Australia
Course Name:High School Certificate


Product Skills

  • Internet (Advanced - >5 years experience)
  • MYOB (Intermediate - >5 years experience)
  • Personal Computer (Advanced - >5 years experience)
  • Photoshop 5.x (Intermediate - >5 years experience)

Industry Company Experience

  • Computer Boards, Cards & Connector Products (Intermediate - >5 years experience)
  • Mechanical (Advanced - >5 years experience)

Licenses & Certifications

car license

Issuer:NSW RTA
Valid From:27th February 2011
Valid To:27th February 2016


Issuer:security indusrty register nsw
Valid From:1st August 2009
Valid To:1st August 2014



Date From:1st September 2006
Date To:1st September 2011

Visa Information


Visa Type:Citizen
Visa Name:citizen
Valid From:19th February 1963
Valid To:28th August 2011


photography, Golf, Fishing, Computers .

Personal Information

Job Seeking Status:Seriously Looking
I am on a notice period (days):  0
I am available from:27th August 2011
Would you relocate for a job?Open to Offers
Marital Status:Married
Do I have a drivers license?Yes

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