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Hi my name is Mark Hales i finished grade 10 at newtown high school at age sixteen


I went to huonville and worked as a fruit picker for two months, then was upgraded to tractor work and spraying and pruning.I done this job for three years.I then moved backed to hobart and commenced work running a transport for Firkins transport wich also involved quoting customers and some truck driving. I worked there for four years,now aged twenty two.I then had an opportunity to work in fruit and veg wholesle wich i thought would be  a good career as i was just starting a family. this job was with Devlaun p/l and was with that company for fifteen years,after my first six months i was promoted to hobart manager and held that job for period employed.

I then moved on to another fruit and veg wholesaler Stokes and hammond in aa managerial roll were i worked for seven years and got involed with quality assuurance programs and bannana ripening. After twenty two years in fruit and veg i deciced to go back to transport were i was employed for 5 years before that company sold out . I  have current heavy combination and heavy fork truck licence and heaps of experience.


learned orchid spraying for different fruits. learned to prune aplles pears aricots peaces ect. learned to deal with customers in all aspects of transport and price quoting.become southern buyer whilst with Devlaun buying and supplying fresh fruit and veg to all Coles supermarkets statewide.pacipitated and passed lots of courses and traning from staff management to quality assurance.learned to ripen bananas and tomates in specialy designed rooms.went from mediud rigid right through to heavy combination realy enjoying driving. also spending some months at a time running transport yards and all aspects of logistics.

Career History

Mar 2004 - Oct 2009

Company name:thorpe logistics
Location:hobart, Australia
Industry:Supply Chain & Logistics
Company size:11-50 employees
Comments:realy enjoyed driving and all aspects of logistics
Job Title:driver
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Logistics, Transport & Supply

Education & Training

Jan 1973 - Dec 1976

Institution:NewTown High School
Institution Type:High School
Location:hobart, Australia
Course Name:year ten certificate
Comments:besides school i had paper runs and worked for a milkman on weekends.

Licenses & Certifications

mark hales

Issuer:service tas
Valid From:17th May 2011
Valid To:17th June 2013

fire arms licence

Issuer:service tas / tasmania police
Valid From:3rd July 2009
Valid To:3rd June 2012

licence to perform high risk work

Issuer:service tas
Valid From:10th July 2008
Valid To:7th July 2013

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