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Knowledgeable and skilled IT professional with encompassing work experience spanning 9 years in Wintel Systems Administration. Have held different positions such as Lead Systems Administrator, Senior System Administrator and Network Administrator in different organisations.


Have successively excelled in managing simultaneous projects while maintaining a strong eye for detail, efficacy in problem solving and consistency to follow through on assignments. Experienced in providing solutions that resolve and improve operational, process and system issues.


Result oriented professional with experience of providing excellent customer services and developing lasting working relationships with key stakeholders and business partners.


Possess excellent interpersonal skills to liaise amicably with diverse groups of people, different departments, vendors and agencies. With extensive exposure to different cultures and work environments and has worked effectively with multinational individuals and professionals from all organizational levels. Have practically demonstrated the ability to manage, motivate and build cohesive teams that achieve results.



  •  Led and managed the campus-wide deployments of Windows 7 (SOE), Office 2007 as well as Accellion (a Secure File Transfer and Large Email Attachments solution) for Texas A&M University, Qatar
  • Played a key role in the LAN deployments, Data Centre deployments, PC installations, inventory management and RFQ/RFP development at Chief/Deputy Commissioner’s Office for the Electronic Government.
  • Contributed to the design and configuration of several state of the art computer labs and a server room for GIFT University.


Career History

Jun 2008 - Jul 2011

Company name:Texas A&M University at Qatar
Location:Doha, Qatar
Industry:Education & Childcare
Company size:501-1000 employees
Company web site:
Job Title:Lead Systems Administrator
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:IT & Telecommunications
Closest Job Role:Systems Engineer
Summary:c/o Qatar Foundation
Detailed Description: Hired within this branch of the US-based Texas A&M University located in Education City, Qatar, to provide technical knowledge and skills to its IT services department that is responsible for connecting the Qatar campus to its parent campus in College Station, Texas, through an innovative array of technology services. These services include Internet, client-desktop, mobile computing, local-area-network services, audio-visual equipment and instructional technology, information systems, supercomputing, and end-user support and training. University comprises staff, faculty and students from more than 28 countries.

Key Contributions

- Spearheaded and managed the campus-wide deployment of Windows 7, Office 2007 as well as Accellion (a Secure File Transfer and Large Email Attachments solution). This project had made Texas A&M University the first in education city that was upgraded to Windows 7. Accellion enabled the users to send their large files securely and encrypted via email.
- Revamped the university’s standard operating environment (SOE) for desktop, and laptop systems while deploying Windows 7.
- Responsible for the successful installation, configuration and eventual maintenance of the SharePoint 2007 server farm that enabled our application group to automate business processes of university.
- Effectively deployed the new Windows 2008 R2 print server with Pcounter that enhanced the users’ printing experience and resolved several printer spooler issues.
- Closely worked and coordinated with key players in the deployment of VMware VSphere infrastructure as well as the Citrix XenApp that helps in reducing physical servers and cost significantly. Citrix expanded university’s services anytime, anywhere.
- Actively contributed as member of the Windows 2008 AD Upgrade, SCCM, and SCOM Projects.
Remuneration:USD 90,000.00 Annually

May 2006 - Apr 2008

Company name:Electronic Government Directorate
Location:Islamabad, Pakistan
Company size:201-500 employees
Company web site:
Comments:- Joined this Ministry of Information Technology’s division to support its efforts in improving the government’s internal efficiency in relation to information access, provision of e-services and increasing transparency
- Provided supervision to a team of 3 IT professionals.
Job Title:Senior System/Network Administrator
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:IT & Telecommunications
Closest Job Role:Networks & Systems Engineer
Summary:at Chief Commissioner Office
Detailed Description:Key Contributions

- Worked as contractor at the Chief/Deputy Commissioner’s Office and its attached buildings for:

- LAN deployment of 250 nodes that includes Cisco Edge 2950 series switches, Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switch, router, intrusion detection system, firewall, fibre optic back bones, fibre optic passive equipment, and Cat 6 UTP cable
- Actively contributed in Data Centre deployments including electrification, installation and configuration of IBM Blade Centre, IBM Storage Area Network, IBM Tape Library, Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switch, Cisco 2950 series Edge switch, 20 KVA UPS solution, Firewall, Intrusion Detection System and IBM Racks
- Actively contributed in distribution, installation and configuration of 213 Desktop systems. It enhanced the overall users’ efficiency and satisfaction that contributed in the automation of their business processes.
- Closely worked and coordinated in inventory management because there was no ownership at client’s site; therefore I needed to take initiative and managed it properly.
- Closely worked and coordinated in writing and evaluating Software Requirement Specification (SRS), PC-1, and RFQ/RFP development. Initially, there was no Software Engineer hired in the project; therefore I needed to go for an extra mile.

Aug 2002 - Apr 2006

Company name:GIFT University
Location:Gujranwala, Pakistan
Industry:Education & Childcare
Company size:201-500 employees
Company web site:
Comments:- Recruited within the country’s premiere university to provide technical support to its continuous growth
- Established new policies and procedures which improved the IT Services Department
- Closely worked and coordinated with external vendors
- Provided instructions in undergraduate and graduate level courses
Job Title:Systems Administrator
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:IT & Telecommunications
Closest Job Role:Networks & Systems Engineer
Detailed Description:Key Contributions

- Largely responsible for the Intranet Website design
- Organized and delivered hands-on training programs to the university’s students, faculty and staff members.
- Installed and configured Layer2/3 Ethernet Switches with CAT 6 Backbone for Campus LAN. There was no Network Administrator in our department; therefore I was responsible for network administration as well.
- Played a key role in the design and configuration of 6 state of the art computer labs.
- Ensured that the design and configuration of a server room effectively served more than 400 nodes within the campus.
- Responsible for the successful installation and configuration of the Exchange Server, Moodle and Online Library Catalogue Server.

Education & Training

Sep 1999 - Dec 2001

Institution:IQRA University
Institution Type:University
Location:Karachi, Pakistan
Course Name:Masters of Computer Science


Business Skills

  • Administration ( - experience)
  • Commission ( - experience)
  • Development ( - experience)
  • Europe ( - experience)
  • Information Technology ( - experience)
  • Management ( - experience)
  • Professional Development ( - experience)
  • Project Management ( - experience)
  • Research ( - experience)
  • Resource Management ( - experience)
  • Training ( - experience)

Product Skills

  • Acumen ( - experience)
  • AM ( - experience)
  • Cable ( - experience)
  • Citrix ( - experience)
  • COM+ ( - experience)
  • DHCP ( - experience)
  • Distribution ( - experience)
  • DNS ( - experience)
  • EDGE ( - experience)
  • Engineering ( - experience)
  • Ethernet ( - experience)
  • Fibre Optic ( - experience)
  • FLUENT ( - experience)
  • Foundation ( - experience)
  • Internet ( - experience)
  • Intranet ( - experience)
  • Inventory ( - experience)
  • Inventory Management ( - experience)
  • ITS ( - experience)
  • LAN ( - experience)
  • Linux ( - experience)
  • Manager ( - experience)
  • MATLAB ( - experience)
  • MIS ( - experience)
  • MOM ( - experience)
  • MS Exchange 2003 ( - experience)
  • Novell NetWare ( - experience)
  • Opus ( - experience)
  • PowerEdge ( - experience)
  • Procedures ( - experience)
  • Project ( - experience)
  • Project Management ( - experience)
  • Quality ( - experience)
  • Resource Management ( - experience)
  • Scripting ( - experience)
  • SharePoint ( - experience)
  • SMS ( - experience)
  • Solidworks ( - experience)
  • Standard ( - experience)
  • Storage Area Network ( - experience)
  • Symantec ( - experience)
  • Technical ( - experience)
  • Telecommunications ( - experience)
  • Toolkit ( - experience)
  • UNIX ( - experience)
  • VMWare ( - experience)
  • VPN ( - experience)
  • Windows NT ( - experience)
  • Windows XP ( - experience)
  • Wintel ( - experience)

Industry Company Experience

  • Catering ( - experience)
  • Data ( - experience)
  • Engineering ( - experience)
  • Equipment ( - experience)
  • Government ( - experience)
  • Information Technology ( - experience)
  • Management ( - experience)
  • National ( - experience)
  • Standards ( - experience)
  • Telecommunications ( - experience)
  • Wireless ( - experience)


  • English ( - experience)
  • Hindi ( - experience)
  • Punjabi ( - experience)
  • Urdu ( - experience)

Licenses & Certifications

TS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring

Valid From:22nd June 2011
Valid To:9th June 2015

ITIL v3 Foundation



Telecommunications Society of Australia

Date From:1st April 2011
Date To:1st April 2012

Australian Computer Society

Date From:1st February 2011
Date To:1st March 2012

Visa Information


Visa Type:Permanent Resident Visa


Australian permanent resident, Work Visa Status, Hindi (fluent), Punjabi (Native), Urdu mother tongue), English (fluent), Languages, reading people and cultures, playing snooker, watching cricket, Photography.

Personal Information

Job Seeking Status:Seriously Looking
I am on a notice period (days):  30
I am available from:1st August 2011
Would you relocate for a job?Yes
Marital Status:Married
Do I have a drivers license?Yes

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