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After leaving High School I began an interest in Muay Thai Kickboxing which evolved into an interest in Mixed Martial Arts, I competed in the National All Styles Competition run by Blitz Magazine, I came 2nd in a Geelong Competition in 2004 and became very keen in the Fitness Industry.

In 2006 I completed my Certificates as both Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer whilst I was working at Safeway, My Fitness Career started at Fitness Dimensions in Kew after a 3 years of training Clients I developed a keen interest in the Army.

After going through the recruiting stage I started my Defence Career as a Combat Engineer, after several challenges I was deployed to Papua New Guinea twice to assist in the reconstruction of the Papua New Guinea's Defence Force Barracks, this involved Construction and also Cultural Bonds, I was sought out by my Superiors for my Hard Work and Easy going attitude toward to other cultures, I was selected, trained and Deployed to Afghanistan on the 4th of June 2011 and returned 30th of January 2012 I was part of Mentoring Team Task Force Delta Coy my skills lead the company to many successful missions including the Engineer Search Training of the Afghanistan National Army Engineers, Teaching the skills of Search, Route Selection and how to Mitigate the Threat level of IED indications.

I am Highly Motivated, Hardworking and Dedicated into Whatever I do.



SPORT:National All Styles Martial Arts Championships 2004 Competed in the National All Styles Martial Championships and came 2nd place in Geelong at the N.A.S. Championships, came 4th place in the State Championship and reached the top 8 in Victoria to advance to the Nationals.

EXTRACURRICULAR: . Sport: Martial Arts - Previous Member of Greensborough Mixed Martial Arts Centre and Taipan Muay Thai, Soccer - Eltham North Soccer Club, Snowboarding, Motorbike riding, Gym - Body Building. .

Travel: Traveled to Tonga, Afghanistan, Prague, Rome, Germany, Papua New Guinea, Norway.

Creative: Jewelry making, Drawing, Graphic Art

Career History

Feb 2008 - Present

Company name:Australian Defence Force - Army
Location:Townsville, Australia
Industry:Defence & Emergency
Company size:More than 10000 employees
Company web site:
Job Title:Combat Engineer
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Government & Defence
Closest Job Role:Army
Detailed Description:As a Combat Engineer I am trained in Bridge Building, Minefield Clearance, Demolition in using explosives, Field Defence Systems, Water Purification, Road and Airfield Construction and Repair.

In Afghanistan I was an Engineer Searcher, My Roles included, Route Search, Overwatch Search, Area Search, Expert Advisor of IED's and Munitions, Expert Advisor to Command and ANA Soldiers of Engineer Search Roles.

Sep 2007 - Feb 2008

Company name:Q Pools & Spas
Location:Kew, Australia
Industry:Trades & Services
Company size:1-10 employees
Job Title:Sales and Pool Cleaner
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Trades & Services
Detailed Description:Employed as a Sales Representative and Pool Cleaner,

Jobs included:

- Maintenance of Pools and Spas of the surrounding area

- Sales and Advice of Pool and Spa products

- Sand changes of the Pool Filter

- Solar Heating Installation and Maintenance

Nov 2006 - Feb 2008

Company name:Fitness Dimensions
Location:Kew, Australia
Industry:Sport & Recreation
Company size:1-10 employees
Company web site:
Job Title:Personal Trainer
Job Type:Part-time
Position Department:Community, Sport & Leisure
Closest Job Role:Fitness Instructor
Summary:Personal Trainer
Detailed Description:Trained Clients to there Fitness Goals

Educated Clients on Exercises

Feb 2006 - Sep 2007

Company name:Martin O'Brien Formes
Location:Mordialloc, Australia
Industry:Trades & Services
Company size:11-50 employees
Job Title:Die Maker
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Trades & Services
Detailed Description:Responsibilities included:

Create Cutting Dies

Service and Maintenance of Benders

Rubbering Formes

Apr 2004 - Feb 2006

Company name:Safeway
Location:Kew, Australia
Company size:51-200 employees
Job Title:Storeman
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Retail
Detailed Description:Responsibilities included:

Operating the checkout

Liaising with customers over the phone

Assisting with help-desk calls

Assisting in the grocery section

Assisting in the perishables section

Aug 2001 - Apr 2004

Company name:Safeway
Location:Preston, Australia
Company size:51-200 employees
Job Title:Nightfill Assistant
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Retail
Detailed Description:Responsibilities included:

Assisting in the perishables section

Night fill grocery assistant

Restock Shelves

Face Items in a presentable manner

Jan 2000 - Aug 2001

Company name:Cooks Creative Jewellery
Location:Montmorency, Australia
Industry:Trades & Services
Company size:1-10 employees
Job Title:Jewellery Assistant
Job Type:Casual/Temporary
Position Department:Trades & Services
Detailed Description:Responsibilities included:

Assisting customers with there enquiries

Filing Jewellery

Polishing Jewellery

Learning the Basics Of Silversmithing

Jan 1999 - Jan 2000

Company name:Greensborough Mixed Martial Arts Centre
Location:Greensborough, Australia
Industry:Sport & Recreation
Company size:1-10 employees
Job Title:Receptionist &Maintenance/Cleaner
Job Type:Part-time
Detailed Description:Responsibilities included:

Customer service representative dealing with customer enquiries and problems

Signing up new Memberships

Organising Gym Equipment

Cleaning Gym Area and Dojo Floor

Sales of Fighters Clothing and Accessories

Education & Training

Jan 2006 - Jan 2007

Institution:Australian Fitness Academy
Institution Type:TAFE
Location:Caulfield, Australia
Course Name:Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer
Study Units/Modules:
  • Certificate 3 Fitness Instructor
  • Certificate 4 Personal Trainer
Comments:The Certificate III in Fitness- Gymnasium Instructor is the entry levelqualification in the fitness industry and the minimum required to gainemployment in industry.The Certificate III has the primary outcome of preparing instructors towork in gymnasiums and fitness centres conducting fitness assessments anddesigning program, instructing clients through exercise programs andmaintaining a safe gym environment.Australian Fitness Academy, formerly Hi-Energy Network Caulfield,Australia The Certificate IV in Fitness- Personal Trainer SRF40201

Jan 1996 - Dec 1999

Institution:Montmorency Secondary School
Institution Type:High School
Location:Melbourne, Australia
Course Name:High School
Grade:Yr 7- 10


Product Skills

  • Fitness (Advanced - >5 years experience)

Industry Company Experience

  • Travel (Intermediate - 6-12 months experience)

Licenses & Certifications

Medium Rigid Drivers Licence

Issuer:Australian Defence Force - Army
Valid From:17th December 2009


Learning Languages, Expanding my Knowledge, Travelling, Motorbikes, Extreme Sports, Sports and Performance Vehicles, Comics, Music, Investments, Financial Education.

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