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Career History

Jul 2010 - May 2011

Company name:Woolworths
Location:Esperance, Australia
Job Title:Nightfill
Job Type:Casual/Temporary
Detailed Description:Refilling and stocking of products on shelves

Sep 2010 - Apr 2011

Company name:Driftwood Apartments
Location:Esperance, Australia
Industry:Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
Job Title:Housekeeping
Job Type:Casual/Temporary
Detailed Description:I serviced and cleaned holiday apartments ensuring a high level of cleanliness.

Mar 2010 - Jul 2010

Company name:Santa Fe farm
Location:Esperance, Australia
Industry:Agricultural & Animals
Job Title:Farm hand / Nanny / Housekeeper
Job Type:Full-Time
Detailed Description:During the seeding season I was a live in housekeeper. My duties included cooking the evening meals, nannying , general housework. I also did jobs around the farm including fencing, tractor driving, cruching of sheep, painting and cleaning of machnairy.

Aug 2009 - Jan 2010

Company name:Lone Star Restaurant
Location:Dunedin, New Zealand
Industry:Food & Beverage
Job Title:Kitchenhand
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
Detailed Description:I assisted in the preparation of meals, maintained a high level of cleanliness as per the food regulations. washed dishs and general cleaing of kitchen.

Feb 2008 - Jun 2009

Company name:Supa Progressive IGA
Location:Perth, Australia
Industry:Food & Beverage
Job Title:Bakers Assistant / Deli Assistant
Job Type:Full-Time
Detailed Description:Bakers Assistant - My duties included making donuts every morning, packing and wraping products, stocktake, making cakes, preparing orders for customers and ordering of stock.
Deli Assistant - Customer service, slicing meats, cash handlling, cleaning of work area.

Nov 2006 - Dec 2007

Company name:Duncs IGA
Location:Esperance, Australia
Industry:Food & Beverage
Job Title:Fruit and Veg Supervisor
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:Retail
Detailed Description:Building food displays, ordering stock, stock take, stocking shelves, packaging fruit and veg, receiving and preparing orders from customers.

Education & Training

Jan 2004 - Jul 2004

Institution:Mount Lawley
Institution Type:TAFE
Location:Perth, Australia
Course Name:Cert III Therapy Assistant

Jan 1994 - Dec 1998

Institution:Otago Girls High School
Institution Type:High School
Location:Dunedin, New Zealand
Course Name:Higher School Cert
Grade:Year 12 Complete

Personal Information

Job Seeking Status:Seriously Looking
I am on a notice period (days):  0
I am available from:25th July 2011

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