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My name is Louise Worrall, I am 41 years of age and am currently studying a Bachelor of Social Science (2nd year) at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, Brisbane specialsing in counselling. I successfully completed the Diploma of Counselling in 2010 at the Australian College of Applied psychology, Brisbane.

I successfully completed Certificate three in Children's Services in 1997 and worked in childcare as well as pre-school/kindergarten for many years. I am currently employed on a casual basis as a youth support worker with Procare Personnel and have been employed with this agency since October 2010. Prior to the begginning of my studies I worked as a special needs assisstant at the Bethlehem C&K kindergarten, Woongoolba, Queensland.

I have the ability to build rapport with others and am respectful of the diverse range of needs, wants, values and expectations of different cultures within our society. My personal , professional and educated knowledge of regarding mental health issues, cultural issues and social issues enables me to treat others with empathy, beneficence, respect and respect.


I have raised a mature, responsible, loving and productive young woman who has the strength, wisdom and knowledge to succeed in life. I am raising a wonderful young boy who is considerate of others, aware of his strengths and weaknesses as well as the confidence to meet new challenges.

I have overcome barriers in my pesonal life to enable me to work toward my long term goal to become a counsellor.

During my work as a childcare worker I have recieved positive feedback from many families and colleagues regarding my rapport building skills, patience, positive influence and insightful guidance as well as the knowledge that my work efforts were commended by those I worked for and with.

As a youth worker I have gained the respect and trust of many young people I have worked with as well as collegues. I have been requested by the department of child safety as well as families within the foster care system to fill various job roles.


Career History

Jan 2010 - Present

Company name:Procare Personnel
Location:Beenleigh, Australia
Industry:Health, Medical & Pharma
Company size:1001-5000 employees
Company web site:
Job Title:Youth Support Worker
Job Type:Casual/Temporary
Position Department:Community, Sport & Leisure
Closest Job Role:Social Worker

Jun 2009 - Dec 2009

Company name:Bethlehem C&K Kindergarten
Location:Woongoolba, Australia
Industry:Education & Childcare
Job Title:Special Needs Assisstant
Job Type:Part-time
Position Department:Education
Closest Job Role:Kindergarten Consultant

Jun 2005 - May 2008

Company name:La Fresco Italian Restaurant
Location:Toowoomba, Australia
Industry:Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
Company size:11-50 employees
Job Title:Owner/operator
Job Type:Self-Employed
Position Department:Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
Closest Job Role:Manager & Supervisor

Education & Training

Feb 2010 - Dec 2012

Institution:Australian College of Applied Psychology
Institution Type:University
Location:Brisbane, Australia
Course Name:Bachelor of Social Science
Study Units/Modules:
  • Social Analysis
  • Counselling Interview Skills 1
  • Monitor Case Management
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Facilitate the Counselling Process
  • Counselling Interview Skills 2
  • Support Clients
  • Counselling Theories
  • Resposnsible and Ethical Counselling
  • Cultural Diversity and Workplace Legislation
  • Recognise and Respond to Family and Domestic VIolence
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Conflict Management

Feb 2010 - Dec 2010

Institution:Australian College of Applied Psychology
Institution Type:University
Location:Brisbane, Australia
Course Name:Diploma of Counselling
Comments:The successful completion of the Diploma lead to recognised prior learning exempting the frist year of the Bachelor of Social Science.

Jan 1996 - Dec 1996

Institution:Goulburn Ovens Institute of Tafe
Institution Type:TAFE
Location:Shepparton, Australia
Course Name:Certificate 3 in Children's Services


Business Skills

  • Counselling (Intermediate - 6-12 months experience)


Promoting positive personal and professional relationships, Developing personal self awareness and self esteem in others.

Personal Information

Job Seeking Status:Seriously Looking
I am on a notice period (days):  0
I am available from:12th September 2011
Would you relocate for a job?Yes
Date of Birth:22nd July 1970
Marital Status:Divorced
Do I have a drivers license?Yes

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