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200 North Road, Eastwood, New South Wales 2122 Australia
Home Number:(02) 9802 9373
Mobile Number:0415 795 964
Fax Number:(02) 9802 9373
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An Internet Professional, with over 7 years experience building robust eCommerce solutions, I have garnered a broad range of skills covering all web-technologies and related software applications.

With a proven track record, boasting lasting contracts and employment with some of the largest internet and advertising businesses in existence, I am sure to be an asset to any business looking to capitalise on my skills.


Some of my key achievements include:

  • Teaching myself all the web-related skills I have to date.
  • Giving eBay Australia a 500% return on investment PCM with over 5 projects I led and developed.
  • Successfully met development deadlines with all major partnerships eBay Australia formed such as, Universal Music Group Australia,,
  • Built 10 Flash games in small 4-month deadline for my client Super Outsource Pty Ltd.
  • Built 4 Flash games in a tiny 6 week deadline for my client HitPro Pty Ltd.
  • Built a custom, robust Content Management System for an FHM Desktop Application in 2 weeks.

Career History

Nov 2007 - Present

Company name:eBay Australia
Location:Sydney, Australia
Industry:Information Technology
Company size:5001-10000 employees
Company web site:
Comments:eBay's purpose is to pioneer new communities around the world built on commerce, sustained by trust, and inspired by opportunity.

EBay brings together millions of buyers and sellers every day on a local, national and international basis through an array of websites.

The Company provides online marketplaces for the sale of goods and services, online payments services and online communication offerings to a diverse community of individuals and businesses. The Company currently has three primary businesses: the eBay Marketplaces, Payments and Communications.
Job Title:Web Application Developer
Job Type:Part-time
Position Department:IT & Telecommunications
Closest Job Role:Web Developer
Summary:Design, Build and Implement web solutions
Detailed Description:My role within eBay Australia is to:

* Consult with and advise eBay management and partnering companies on Web-Related solutions and technologies.

* Design, Develop and Implement technical solutions that increase productivity and profitability for eBay Australia.

* Track and report systems and solution performance.

Nov 2002 - Present

Company name:sauceCode Pty Ltd
Location:Eastwood, Australia
Industry:Information Technology
Company size:1-10 employees
Company web site:
Comments:Provide a broad range of Web Service Solutions and consulting services, including (but not limited to) Web Design and Development, Flash Design and Programming, Database Design and Implementation, Website Security Consulting.
Job Title:Managing Director
Job Type:Self-Employed
Position Department:IT & Telecommunications
Closest Job Role:Manager & Supervisor
Summary:Managing Director
Detailed Description:Develop and grow client relationships, develop overall communications programs for clients, manage profitability and financial aspects of accounts, generate and develop new business and execute requirements of acquired contracts, have full understanding of client business and challenges within the industry, manage account administration duties, such as billing and activity reports.

Jan 2002 - Sep 2003

Company name:General Electric ~ Global eXchange Services
Location:North Sydney, Australia
Industry:Information Technology
Company size:5001-10000 employees
Company web site:
Comments:Provider of total Business-to-Business (B2B)
e-commerce offerings. Over a billion transactions are processed annually, accounting for more than US$1 trillion worth of traded goods and services, making it one of the largest players in this market.
Job Title:Web Master
Job Type:Part-time
Position Department:IT & Telecommunications
Closest Job Role:Web Developer
Summary:Web Master
Detailed Description:Redesign and manage company websites
(, Liaise with Marketing, HR and Customer Service departments, managing content, designs and company announcements. Provide advice to IT team regarding web server software, equipment and their requirements. Provide advice to marketing and HR teams regarding website requirements and enhancements.

Apr 2000 - Jan 2002

Company name:Halisa International Network
Location:Neutral Bay, Australia
Industry:Information Technology
Company size:1-10 employees
Company web site:
Comments:IT Services Consultant
Job Title:Information Management Trainee
Job Type:Full-Time
Position Department:IT & Telecommunications
Closest Job Role:Web Developer
Summary:Information Management Trainee
Detailed Description:Manage company websites (,, perform administrative duties, such as answer telephones, some telemarketing duties, and assist with seminar event management.

Education & Training

Jan 2001 - Dec 2002

Institution:Bradfield College
Institution Type:College
Location:North Sydney, Australia
Course Name:Higher School Certificate (HSC)
Comments:Celebrating over ten years of student service, Bradfield Senior College has established a unique Sydney-wide role integrating TAFE NSW qualifications, industry training and the Higher School Certificate.

Jan 2001 - Dec 2002

Institution:Bradfield College
Institution Type:TAFE
Location:North Sydney, Australia
Course Name:Information Technology Certificate III
Grade:Certificate III
Comments:TAFE NSW Certificate programs can be integrated with the HSC at Bradfield in areas such as Design, Entertainment, Hospitality, Information Technology, Music, Retail and Tourism Services.

Bradfield offers excellent student outcomes, individual attention and a caring and supportive environment. The College is proud of its diverse student population, strong values of tolerance, workplace discipline code, a wide range of subject choices, experienced and innovative teachers and excellent facilities.

Jan 2000 - Dec 2001

Institution:Halisa International Network
Institution Type:Association/Club
Location:Neutral Bay, Australia
Course Name:Electronic Information Management Traineeship

Jan 1999 - Dec 2000

Institution:The Pan Pacific Training Company
Institution Type:College
Location:Sydney, Australia
Course Name:Certificate IV in Business


Business Skills

  • Analysis (Expert - >5 years experience)
  • Business Planning (Intermediate - 4-5 years experience)
  • E-Commerce (Expert - >5 years experience)
  • Interviewing (Intermediate - 2-3 years experience)
  • PAYE (Novice - 1.5-2 years experience)
  • Presentation Preparation (Expert - >5 years experience)
  • Presentation Skills (Intermediate - 2-3 years experience)
  • Skills Analysis (Expert - >5 years experience)
  • Technical Writing (Expert - >5 years experience)

Product Skills

  • Actionscript (Expert - >5 years experience)
  • ActionScript 2.0 (Expert - 3-4 years experience)
  • ActionScript 3 (Advanced - 1-1.5 years experience)
  • Adobe CS3 Flash (Intermediate - 1-1.5 years experience)
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (Expert - >5 years experience)
  • Adobe Flash CS2 (Advanced - 2-3 years experience)
  • Adobe Flash CS4 (Intermediate - 6-12 months experience)
  • MS SQL Server (Expert - >5 years experience)
  • MS SQL Server Administration (Expert - >5 years experience)
  • MS SQL Server Development & Design (Expert - >5 years experience)
  • MS SQL Server Routine Maintenance (Advanced - 3-4 years experience)
  • MS SQL Server Setup & Configuration (Advanced - 3-4 years experience)
  • MS SQL Server Transact SQL (Advanced - 3-4 years experience)
  • MYSQL (Expert - >5 years experience)
  • PHP (Expert - >5 years experience)
  • Scheduling (Advanced - 3-4 years experience)
  • SQL (Expert - >5 years experience)
  • Stored Procedures (Expert - >5 years experience)

Licenses & Certifications

Certificate III in Information Technology

Issuer:Bradfield Institute of TAFE
Valid From:1st December 2002



Date From:1st February 2009
Comments:Toastmasters is a non-profit educational organisation. In its many Clubs, members learn communication and leadership skills by practising public speaking and working with others in a warm and friendly environment.

Rotary Strathfield

Date From:1st September 2003
Date To:1st March 2004

Visa Information


Visa Type:Citizen
Visa Name:Australian Born Citizen
Valid From:2nd April 1982


Bush Walking, Drawing, Traveling, Socialising, Checkers, Rock climbing, Learning New Things, Animals, Technology, Share Trading, Surfing, MotoCross, Foreign Films, Design, Programming, Weights and Cardio Training, Golf, Reading, Tennis.

Personal Information

Job Seeking Status:Open to Opportunities
I am on a notice period (days):  0
I am available from:26th January 2009
Would you relocate for a job?Open to Offers
Marital Status:Cohabitating
Do I have a drivers license?Yes

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